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Fixing the WiFi and IADB plan
Posted 2007/07/31
Today I made an unplanned visit to the site to fox the WiFi and talked to Mike Rains about what we will do when we both want to edit the IADB code at the same time. Yesterday I got a phone call from Emma saying that the WiFi was down, we [...]
Swann Night Hawk Wireless Camera
Posted 2007/07/30
We received the first part of the CCTV equipment we want to use on the dig site. Part of the VERA project is to have some video equipment on site to monitor and record what is going on. Unfortunately due to the way we have to buy things at Uni it [...]
No one is an archaeologist!
Posted 2007/07/26
I made a typo in the get involved form ( which meant that no one could ever be an archaeologist. This was simple to fix and I have also changed the form so that a copy goes straight to UCL. [...]
Top secret photos
Posted 2007/07/17
I have dumped our Silchester photos into a simple gallery: It is not linked into the main site and is meant to be an easy way for us to hoard pictures for use in posters etc. [...]
Special delivery
Posted 2007/07/14
I took Gemma to the dig site today and delivered and installed a new multi-function printer in the HQ. We bought a HP Officejet 7210 All-in-One - Multifunction Printer from Insight (a Uni supplier) for 76.36 inc VAT. They seem to be happy with it on site and I was very impressed [...]
WiFi site survey
Posted 2007/07/11
With the help of Chris from Uni IT we have done a , the survey software measures the strength of the wireless signals and plots them on a map. This post show site results of the , please find the color key in the screen shot picture. You can click [...]
Melissa and Claire come to town
Posted 2007/07/11
Today Claire and Melissa (from UCL) came to look round the dig site and find out what the different jobs are on site. Here are a few pictures from their day. Mike explaining the Silchester site. Getting an overview of the dig. Learning how the finds are processed. [...]
Infrastructure changes for next year
Posted 2007/07/11
Here are three things we want to do for next year with reasons and pictures. Bigger generator The HQ/office and class/computer room cabins are both powered by this petrol generator. We are right on the edge of using all he electricity this thing can pump out, we are using the UPS we [...]
The WiFi saga continues
Posted 2007/07/10
We think we have proved that the dodgy electricity from the petrol generator is was making the AP freak out. The HQ AP was on and working all morning and the UPS was not beeping until we plugged another laptop in to recharge. The AP continued to work but the [...]
Skype retaliation
Posted 2007/07/10
Here is the other side of the Skype conversation. Mark working in the luxury of Reading Uni campus while Mat slaves away in the wilderness of the Silchester dig site. [...]
Fighting the WiFi
Posted 2007/07/09
We spent today doing various things to try and make the site WiFi stable. We think we nearly have it cracked. The WiFi has been up and down like a yo-yo since the kit was installed. When I arrived on site this morning it had been totally busted since Saturday [...]
Little wiki hack
Posted 2007/07/04
I am tweaking the CSS for the wiki to remove the Table Of Contents for pages. I wanted to suppress the TOC on wiki pages because it takes up a huge amount of space. Normally all of the custom layout is done using the template engine, that way when you upgrade [...]
First trip to the site
Posted 2007/07/03
I went down to Silchester today to meet everyone and check out the dig. It’s a bit of a swamp down there at the moment, glad I took my boots. Amusingly some of the students have turned up without any wet weather gear and they are camping on site. Lets [...]
First post from the N800
Posted 2007/07/02
Just to prove to myself that the N800 really does work for data entry here is a post. Entering html tags is a bit of a pain in the arse. Typing seems straight forward enough, how ever pasting into a text area is inserting content to the start of the [...]