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Game doc done, on to the next step
Posted 2006/02/23
Having finished putting down all of my thoughts on the current state of online game services it is now time to work out where we can use Tycho to improve one or more game frameworks. First I will describe each service in a more structured way and identify ways it [...]
Playing Counter Strike for the greater good.
Posted 2006/02/17
I have nearly completed my document describing online game technologies. It has highlighted that some of the techniques currently being used have scope for improvement. Two examples are game discovery which some systems still use a very na´ve mechanism for relying on the client doing a lot of the work [...]
From DnD to WoW
Posted 2006/02/07
I am writing about the development of online gaming infrastructure. The idea is to pick out and describe the key services required for modern online gaming. I am putting extra words together describing how we got where we are today, this does two things, puts my understanding of this stuff [...]