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Internal Powerpack
Posted 2011/07/29
I have spent the past few weeks helping Kirk write a proposal for a new cluster. Every node will be fully instrumented by Powerpack to measure power consumption. Powerpack at scale has a number of challenges, one of which is how to fit the instrumentation inside the case. We can't [...]
System G Powerpack
Posted 2011/07/15
We are currently building a new fully instrumented Powerpack node for our System G cluster. System G is a cluster of Apple tower computers and Powerpack allows us to measure how much power a computer is using at the component level. Most people only know how much electricity a computer [...]
Cluster paper camera ready
Posted 2011/07/15
I have been working on the final version of our paper for IEEE Cluster 2011. Today I submitted the camera ready version and registered for the conference. I have uploaded a pre-print. [...]
Finding what core a thread is executing on
Posted 2011/07/01
One of our research projects is improving thread scheduling on Linux. For some of our experiments we need to be able to know where a thread is executing without settings its affinity. With a bit of help from a Linux geek I know (after Google failed us) we found a [...]