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Reading temperature from a mts310 sensor board
Posted 2007/02/27
I could not get our mts310 sensor boards to give me a temperature reading, they always returned 0. After understanding how the driver and the hardware interact (and lots of googling) I found the answer which I’ve noted here to help others. The temperature sensor uses a different power control line [...]
Setting up a Stargate spb400 for use as a mote gateway
Posted 2007/02/22
For our green house monitoring application we need a gateway to receive data from wireless motes in the greenhouses and enter the data into a database. We are using a Stargate processor board in a window of the Lyle building which has line of sight to the greenhouses. This post [...]
How to use Xnest to get a remote X session in a window
Posted 2007/02/20
Most people know you can run a remote command and forward it back to your local display. Using Xnest you can run an entire remote window manager within your own X session. export MACHINENAME="" export USERNAME="mjeg" export REMOTECOMMAND="gnome-session" Xnest :1 -br -name "$MACHINENAME" -kb -depth 16 -geometry 800x600 -sync -ac & sleep 1 export DISPLAY=:1 ssh -X [...]
Mote programming with a mib6000
Posted 2007/02/20
To program motes you use programming boards. In addition to our serial programming board we have a mib600 which is an Ethernet version. I started working with the motes using the serial board because that is what most of the documentation I was using assumed you had. This post details [...]
Keyboard error with Xnest
Posted 2007/02/19
This is a common problem with Xnest. mjeg@crush:~/$ Xnest :1 Couldn't get keyboard. Fix: mjeg@crush:~/$ Xnest :1 -kb [...]