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Big website update
Posted 2007/05/24
I have finished making all the changes suggested by Melissa. There are a bunch of new pages and some updated content. I have created a new TODO list for the website and sent it back to the rest of the VERA guys. I am shooting for having the whole thing [...]
VERA mailing lists created
Posted 2007/05/14
We have three mailing lists which are hosted by the central IT people of Reading Uni. For more information on how to use them and what they do please see the mailing lists page. [...]
Blog and wiki integrated
Posted 2007/05/10
I have added a Wordpress blog and A DokuWiki wiki to the site. Installing the software is a no-brainer but I also wanted to seamlessly integrate them into the website. I chose Wordpress for the blog because I have had dealings with it before and it is one of most [...]
Giant TODO list for the website
Posted 2007/05/09
Melissa has kindly trawled through the website looking at both the markup and the content. This has been a big help for me, normally the best you can hope for is a bit of help with the content. Often what you get is a bunch of people moaning to you [...]
First version of the website up
Posted 2007/05/01
I have published a first version of the website in time for tomorrows VERA kick off meeting. The site has something on every page but I expect we will be changing the content after everyone has had a read. The website uses a simple PHP templating engine which applies the [...]