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Creating a custom kernel for xen
Posted 2005/09/10
Only use 'make world' the first time you build anything as it will overwrite your .config files with xen defaults. mjeg@bun:~/xen-2.0$ cd linux-2.6.11-xen0/ mjeg@bun:~/xen-2.0/linux-2.6.11-xen0$ make ARCH=xen menuconfig mjeg@bun:~/xen-2.0/linux-2.6.11-xen0$ cd .. mjeg@bun:~/xen-2.0$ make dist Doing 'make dist' will copy your new .config file to 'dist/install/boot/' and then build your custom kernel for you. [...]
Patching the Linux kernel
Posted 2005/09/09
bun:/usr/src# ls linux-2.6.11 linux-2.6.11.tar patch- bun:/usr/src# cd linux-2.6.11 bun:/usr/src/linux-2.6.11# patch -p1 [...]