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SC 2010
Posted 2010/11/16
This week I am attending Supercomputing 2010 in New Orleans. The SCAPE lab has a poster at the Virginia Tech booth which I will be minding along with one of the grad students. SC is one of the premier conferences in the high performance computing world. Because of this pretty much everyone [...]
Powerpack demo
Posted 2010/11/05
We are heading to a conference soon where we want to do a live demo of Powerpack. With some hoop jumping we now have a hole in the firewall that lets people in. The demo is at but I don't know how long we will leave it up there. [...]
Weekly meetings
Posted 2010/11/01
Part of my job is helping to look after the SCAPE lab grad students. In order to get a bit more structure back into things I will now be holding weekly meetings every Friday. Taking a leaf out of my old research group's book I cam going with the "5 [...]
Java Concurrent Animated
Posted 2010/11/01
The '' project is a sweet concurrency demo. The project is a free Java application demonstrating the concurrency classes of the language. It is basically a series of animations each illustrating the coding and usage of a component in the Java concurrent library. It is effectively a demo and a [...]