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Going into hiding
Posted 2006/05/31
It is time to knuckle down and get this PhD done. I am going to hide from everything until I have finished. Including this blog. [...]
Web 2.0 stylee writing up
Posted 2006/05/29
Writing review chapter, I've done the intro and background, I’m now reviewing other systems. I am using a Wiki to do my rough drafts. I do 1000 words per day, a reference in JabRef is worth 25 words and a diagram is worth 200. From past experience I know this is [...]
Tycho file swarm test
Posted 2006/05/21
As part of the benchmarking process I have fixed some performance issues with the Tycho swarm file distribution software. In some circumstances the HTTP send code in the Tycho mediator would send messages serially to other mediators. This limited the overall bandwidth usage of the swarm to the bandwidth of the [...]
A swan dive back into coding
Posted 2006/05/12
Picking up the Tycho swarm file distribution code after a run of hacking at other people's work I decided it was time to stop drinking and start seriously programming (or was it the other way around)? I have spent the last few days picking up from where I left off [...]
Cluster & All Hands papers
Posted 2006/05/07
With Marks help I have submitted a paper to Cluster 2006 with the results of the R-GMA and Globus benchmarks. I am also resubmitting the Naradrokering paper to All Hands tonight after trying to look for ways to improve it. It was previously rejected from Europar with 2 good reviews [...]