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Live light sensor graph
Posted 2006/10/25
This post contains a graph being generated from live data collected by radio from a mote. This graph is generated every 5 minutes from a database which is populated with data from a light sensor which is facing out of a window in the PEDAL lab. The sensor is connected to [...]
First real sensor test
Posted 2006/10/24
I wrote a small application to measure the amount of light in the PEDAL lab and log it to a MySQL database. This post describes the setup, shows the results as a graph and summarises some of the things that were learned such as inaccuracies with the TinyOS timer component. The [...]
Working my way through the wireless sensor network tutorials
Posted 2006/10/17
I have the development environment working in Linux and am working my way through some tutorials to learn how to write applications for the Mica2 motes. Motes are the boards which you can plug sensors into and Xbow is the manufacturer of our motes. We have several different bits of [...]
Working at the University of Reading
Posted 2006/10/11
I have taken a research assistant job at Reading (RDG) until I have defended my thesis. I hope I can get a research fellow job after I am Dr Grove. [...]
PhD thesis submitted
Posted 2006/10/02
5 month and 4 days after starting writing I submitted my PhD thesis today. [...]