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Theming GridSphere
Posted 2007/08/30
I spent today beating GridSphere (GS) into the VERA website theme. There is still some more work to do on the admin pages but here are the current results (click for big version). . [...]
Skype on the N800
Posted 2007/08/16
I flashed one of our N800s with a new firmware which supports the official Skype client. There is a firmware flasher available for Linux, instructions can be found here. Basically you download a new firmware to a Linux PC and then run the flash tool, pretty painless stuff. crush mjeg # [...]
Gridsphere 3.0.8 problems
Posted 2007/08/14
We are using Gridsphere (GS) as the container for the portal parts of the VERA project. Here are two bugs/features I found when setting up GS 3.0.8. When you are install GS the file has a bunch of options in it to customize the ant build process. The ‘Getting Started [...]
Moving out and blowing up the generator
Posted 2007/08/13
On Sunday we boxed up all the IT kit ready for it to be shipped back to Uni to be stored for next year. While waiting for the Uni engineer to arrive I did some tests on the generator to see what kind of load it has been under. We [...]
Bulletin Article
Posted 2007/08/01
Emma ad I submitted an article to the Uni Bulletin. This should appear in the August edition, I have appended the text below. The Archaeology Department and the School of Systems Engineering at the University of Reading are pleased to be part of the Virtual Research Environment for Archaeology (VERA) project. [...]