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Tycho HTTP bootstrapper editor
Posted 2007/10/29
One way that Tycho can be bootstrapped is to use a PHP script hosted on a web server somewhere. A frequently requested feature is someway to manually edit the list of Tycho mediators in stored by the bootstrapper script. I have finally added the functionality. Enter the MD5 string that [...]
Creating a new SVN repo and adding it to trac
Posted 2007/10/26
We are managing the code for the VERA project using the combination of Subversion (svn) and trac. This post contains the instructions for how to add a new repo on the VERA server. In tis example we are adding a new repo called ‘portlets’. # sudo su # cd /tmp/ # svnadmin create --fs-type [...]
Compiling mod_auth_mysql for Debian Etch
Posted 2007/10/23
The Apache module auth_mysql was not included in Debian Etch and at the time of writing has been orphaned. This post shows how to build your own module on Debian Etch if you really need to. These commands can be copy and pasted: apt-get install apache2-prefork-dev libmysqlclient15-dev patch mkdir mysql_auth cd mysql_auth/ wget wget [...]
Config admin changes to the Silchester server
Posted 2007/10/17
I have just been given the correct permissions to make some security related changes to the configuration on the Silchester web server. Made the default documents (mod_dir) “index.html index.htm index.php” Turned off directory listings globally (mod_autoindex) For the record this server is a 1U Dell PowerEdge 1850 - single 3.40GHz Intel Xeon, 2GB [...]
Trac for VERA code
Posted 2007/10/10
I have installed trac as the front end to our new Subversion source code repository. It provides a unified front end to both see code from the VERA project and interact with developers and users (like submit bugs or get a list of code changes). The URL is, let [...]
VERA Meetings
Posted 2007/10/05
Two VERA meetings were held on Thursday 4th October in the Geoscience Building at the University of Reading. An internal VERA project meeting was held first, and then a VERA Steering Group meeting took place. The latter, involved various knowledgeable people from around the country who listened to our progress [...]
An IFrame Bridge portlet
Posted 2007/10/01
After looking through the source code for the IADB I decided that the best route for embedding the IADB application into GS would be via an Iframe. The original plan was to use a project called the ‘Portlet Bridge’ which uses screen scraping to consume applications and render them from [...]