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Congrats to Dr. Dong Li!
Posted 2011/01/27
One of the SCAPE Lab students just graduated. Here is the announcement from Kirk: Please join me in congratulating Dong on successfully completing the requirements for the PhD in CS at VT. Dong successfully defended yesterday and is now preparing for his staff position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory beginning in February. I am very [...]
Dong's defense
Posted 2011/01/26
Dong Li is one of our SCAPE lab students and today I attended his PhD defense. We will find out tomorrow how he did. Here up some snaps for the record. Getting ready to do his thing. I got there early for moral support. Had to use my skills to fix [...]
Power Mac
Posted 2011/01/25
As part of my research into kernel-level power management on the Darwin platform I have been trying my software out with some power meters. I have two Mac laptops hooked up (minus batteries) and have been doing the normal sanity testing. When you first start measuring energy in benchmarks it [...]
Women underrepresented in science, engineering
Posted 2011/01/23
Walking around the drill field I spotted a newspaper article written with help from one our CS PhD candidates (Stacy Branham). The article is reprinted here. Stacy told me later that the photographer was trying to get the photo to be geekier which is amusing given the article. [...]
Finding new buildings
Posted 2011/01/18
Turns out that even though I have lived in Blacksburg for a few years there are still some parts of campus that make me feel like a lost freshmen. Building 170 is supposed to be 'temporary' but is actually clad in Hokie stone and looks like it's not going anywhere. [...]
Frantic paper writing
Posted 2011/01/17
Over the holidays I have been working on a paper with one of our grad students. This is the first serious bit of writing I have done since getting back into academia. I am pleased that I have not forgotten how to do it but I have not missed the [...]