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N800 first impressions
Posted 2007/06/30
We are going to be trying out the N800 Internet Tablet as an input device for the field archaeologists. Here are my first impressions. The N800 is like a wide screen mobile phone without a keypad. There are a couple of buttons but mostly you use a stylus to interact [...]
Moving to 'real Skutter'
Posted 2007/06/28
Now that Skutter is happy in his rack it was time to move the site from the Xen development box. This turned out to be quite painless from my perspective, it was just a question of copying some files. How ever things were not quite as smooth with the DNS [...]
Content updates and AJAX love
Posted 2007/06/25
With help from Melissa I have updated some of the words on the site to make more sense. I have also spread some Web 2.0 love about the place. I did not have enough space on the front page for a giant picture and recent news articles, because these project [...]
'Real Skutter' is here
Posted 2007/06/18
The server we bought to host the VERA project software has arrived. I have put it into the rack in the ACET server room and installed the OS. Until now we have been making do with ‘virtual kKutter’ which was a virtual machine running on our Xen hosting platform. This allowed [...]
VERA poster for Oxford
Posted 2007/06/15
I made a poster about VERA for the Oxford e-Science Buiding and OeRC official opening. With help from Mark Baker (words) and Klare Tootell (pictures) I made a poster introducing the VERA project. It is always handy to have a poster to pull out for events and I expect this poster [...]
VERA CS job interview
Posted 2007/06/13
I had my interview for the VERA post today and I am happy to report I got the job. Due to the Speedy Gonzales pace that things happen in academia I have just had my interview for VERA, even though the project started some time back. Any way, I am [...]