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Making PNG thumbnails for PDF documents
Posted 2008/05/26
for pdf in `ls *.pdf `; do png=`echo $pdf | sed -e "s/\.pdf/\.png/"`; convert -density 300x300 -resize 200x200 $pdf $png; done [...]
Debian openssl bug
Posted 2008/05/14
This is how to deal with the openssl mistake from Debian on our servers. This will be known as “the great Debian SSL cock up of 2008″. There is some redundancy, but these are the steps we are using. In /home/users/ rm -r /root/.ssh/ for i in `find ./*/.ssh/*`;do new=`echo $i | [...]
Video cameras
Posted 2008/05/12
We have received the video cameras we want to use predominantly for the diary studies on the dig but might get some other footage of VERA type things. The cameras were 100 from Maplins and record straight to MPEG4 video, although they seem to use a non-open audio codc out of [...]
Wireless webcam setup
Posted 2008/05/08
We finally had all the kit we needed to run webcams on site. This post describes how I have setup hardware and software to stream video via our webserver. We actually wanted to do this last year but we were let down by a University supplier who took for ever to [...]