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How low can you go?
Posted 2005/12/22
While running the many mediator tests on Starbug I started to run out of memory so I have been trying to find how low I can set the Java heap. With 1000 mediators on 8 nodes you have 125 Java JVMs sharing 2GB of RAM. I want to hold off swapping [...]
Benchmarking the Tycho IRC VR interconnect
Posted 2005/12/22
As part of my VR benchmarking I have tested the latency of sending Tycho VR messages via IRC, I have measured how the number of clients, the number of records being returned (message size) and the number of mediators effect the latency. Here are a few of the problems [...]
How to get better results when benchmarking
Posted 2005/12/07
I have been working on the Tycho VR for a few days now and this technique has improved the results more than any other. Benchmarking 101 - make sure you are measuring what you think you are. Bit of extra debugging code and I saw this: TEST: Loading 5000 fake producers TEST: Loaded [...]
Caching in the Tycho VR
Posted 2005/12/06
As part of the Tycho benchmarking effort I have added caching to the VR, this completes the existing list of new stuff to write. The new CacheManager receives a copy of any remote results from the VR. The CacheManager uses the same LocalStore as the VR which means cached records [...]
Initial Tycho registry benchmarks
Posted 2005/12/01
Spent Wednesday day and night getting an initial benchmark done, in this post I explain my methodology and publish some results. Time to complete a simple query while increasing the number of records in the registry. The overhead of the p2p registry link. These tests were done a single 3ghz machine at [...]