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Tycho File Swarm
Posted 2006/03/31
Work continues on the implementation and I have started to look at how other people have tested this kind of system. To assess how well my algorithms work (such as the one for selecting which chunks to download) and to test for concurrency problems I am running multiple peers and seeds. [...]
TychoTorrent screenshot
Posted 2006/03/28
Over the weekend I rewrote the brains of TychoTorrent. This evening I have created an AWT based front end to it. Here is an update including a description of TychoTorrent running and a list of what needs to be done to finish this work. I have provided a simple API to [...]
TychoTorrent cont.
Posted 2006/03/24
Thought I’d give it a name. This week I switched from a single threaded implementation to a parallel version, which as we know is easy peasy. All of the basic functionality is complete - peers can discover and download chunks and can upload these chunks to other peers before the whole [...]
Tycho interfaces and hostname resolving issues.
Posted 2006/03/24
This is in reply to Raz’s blog about a problem he was having with Tycho, the hypothesis was that Tycho was binding to the first network interface it found. This post out grew the comment box so it’s now here :) I have checked what Tycho does - it binds to [...]
Forcing an Ethernet interface to a lower speed
Posted 2006/03/18
ethtool -s eth0 speed 10 duplex full autoneg off This will set eth0 to 10MBit full duplex. The 'autoneg' part is important or the driver will use what it agrees on with the network hardware. [...]
Tycho Bittorrent
Posted 2006/03/17
Coding hasn’t been this fun for ages. During this week I have written producers for publishing info about Quake 3 servers, and a GUI with consumers to let a user discover the servers. Now it turns out that most of the grunt work for this was sorting out the Quake 3 [...]
Tycho API updates
Posted 2006/03/16
This week while writing Tycho game services for Quake 3 I have made some modifications to Tycho to either fix problems or add new functionality me or Rich needed. The current version will become Tycho 0.7.3, here is the change log so far. Bugs: -Fixed a bug in the IRC connector [...]
A Java Quake 3 discovery client and testing the existing implementation
Posted 2006/03/09
Since I got a Quake 3 server, master server and client working I have written my own Java client which speaks Quake 3 discovery protocol. Doing this meant that I had to learn the procedure for Quake 3 server discovery and the format of the messages used by the system. The [...]
Quake 3 server discovery - is it doable?
Posted 2006/03/06
We want to enhance the game server discovery for an online game so people can find a game server they want to play on faster and show off Tycho being useful. I have reviewed 9 games for their suitability for this Tycho game demo. The final stages of this review process [...]
Let the games begin
Posted 2006/03/03
During this week I have been looking at game services to decide which ones I should try to improve. These two have made the short list: Game server discovery - the way a game client finds servers for you to play on. Content delivery - mechanisms for automatically finding and updating the [...]