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Infrastructure Plan for 2008
Posted 2008/03/31
We are now well underway planning the dig for 2008. Part of this process is working out the network for this year. Here is a outline of the site with the rough location of the IT cabin. There will only be one IT cabin but we aren't 100% where it [...]
Building Debian packages from CPAN
Posted 2008/03/11
This is a handy way to make Debian packages straight out of CPAN. apt-get install dh-make-perl gzip unzip tar wget dh-make-perl --build --cpan XML::TreePP Where 'XML::TreePP' is the name of the module you are after. Look in your working directory and install the deb using dpkg. [...]
Wiki RSS feed
Posted 2008/03/03
I found the URL for the RSS feed from the wiki: Because the wiki is not public you need to log in to get at the feed. Some RSS readers might not be able to handle this. [...]
Webcams at Silchester
Posted 2008/03/03
The UCL ethics committee has informed us that it is ok to use webcams on site this year. >In response, the mounting of a webcam above the digging trenches will be >fine as long as it will not be possible to identify individuals and would >just be trained on the trenches, not on [...]