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Pictures from the VRE2 Workshop
Posted 2007/11/29
Here are some pictures from the VRE2 community workshop. All the projects did a show and tell, we saw some live demos and generally touched base. Frederique kicks off the workshop and introduces Mark Baker. Some of the attendees. Brain storming session. More attendees. Frederique and her beautiful assistant. Brain storming results sheet 1 of [...]
Recycle Bridge
Posted 2007/11/28
Following my own naming convention I realized my portlet bridge needed a name which did not contain any technology references. So now the has been born (complete with logo). It allows JSR portals to consume web application which are not Java portlets themselves. I have written authentication plugins for [...]
Using Javascript with a Gridsphere 3.0.X theme
Posted 2007/11/22
I have a small piece of Javascript for collapsing the header of the VERA theme I made for Gridsphere (GS). While there are ways to add custom Javascript includes via portlets I can't see a way to add an extra file for the whole portal (my GS theme needs some [...]
Collapsible headers - the story of the little arrow
Posted 2007/11/21
I've added a little arrow to the VERA site at the top right, next to ‘Blog’. It uses a bit of Javascript to shrink the header at the top of the page so only the navigation bar remains. This is very handy when ‘demoing’ the website or portal and you [...]