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Assembling RAID arrays when you don't know some details
Posted 2007/12/12
If you know the UUID for an array you can make mdadm find the devices that form it, and then activate the array. This example is scanning all 'sd' devices. mdadm -Av /dev/md3 --uuid=2d37409e:def07666:0efa1e18:a8667a35 /dev/sd* [...]
VERA mentioned in the University of Reading Magazine
Posted 2007/12/06
A short article about the VERA project was included in issue 5 of the University of Reading Magazine - Autumn/Winter 2007. When the digital version is published you will be able to download it from here. [...]
VRE2 Workshop presentations available
Posted 2007/12/03
The slides from the presentations given at the VRE2 Workshop last week are now available for download. Click here. [...]