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Computer history museum San Francisco
Posted 2011/06/28
Just got back from vacation in San Francisco and England. One highlight I thought suitable for this blog was the trip to the computer history museum. This place recently opened in Mountain View near where Google has its offices. Alas they did not have the first computer I personally owned [...]
Cluster paper accepted
Posted 2011/06/10
Last month we submitted a paper to IEEE Cluster 2011 and today we got the email that it has been accepted. From: Cluster2011 Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 6:09 PM Subject: [Cluster2011] Your submission has been accepted! On behalf of the IEEE Cluster 2011 Conference, I am pleased to inform you that your [...]
Increasing the number of P-states
Posted 2011/06/07
Sometimes the ACPI cpufreq driver in Linux does not correctly enumerate the number of P-states available for a given processor. What this means is you get fewer usable CPU frequencies than you should. On one of our test clusters we have compute nodes which by default only give you two [...]
SCAPE website redesign
Posted 2011/06/03
A great deal of content needed updating on and the webserver itself needed to be reinstalled. So I took the opportunity to migrate off of Drupal and onto Wordpress. Flexed my tiny design muscle while I was at it. 2006 2008 2011 [...]