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Writing up results for paper
Posted 2006/04/29
I have completed enough of the R-GMA and Globus results to prepare a paper for Cluster 2006. I could run a maximum 100,000 registry entries test for Globus because the MDS Index runs out of memory after 4,000 records (with 1.5GB of heap). I couldn’t run the full many clients test [...]
Time to write up my PhD
Posted 2006/04/28
Starting at the end of the month I am going to switch to writing my thesis fulltime. As is the norm for our department I will go into hiding from everyone at Uni so I can focus just on getting done. I expect the blogging will slow down / stop [...]
Sanity checking Globus Benchmarks
Posted 2006/04/24
I have tried to check that what I am doing yields comparable results to tests Globus people have done themselves. In the current Tycho, R-GMA, Globus tests one of the setups varies the number of clients/consumers querying a registry with a fixed number of records. The Globus guys submitted a paper [...]
Benchmarking R-GMA and Hello World Globus
Posted 2006/04/24
R-GMA testing is now complete and I have moved on to Globus. I have written and completed the tests for R-GMA and have been slogging away at doing the same for Globus. There are many pages of notes documenting this process on the Wiki. I found a bug in R-GMA which [...]
Moving R-GMA to Debian and Hello World
Posted 2006/04/15
The work to prepare R-GMA for benchmarking continues. I am now at the stage of being able to write the tests. I have copied the binary install of R-GMA from the SC Linux installation on comp06 into the Debian install. A record of what I did is on the Wiki. The process [...]
Installing GT4 and writing grid services
Posted 2006/04/15
Globus 4 is the third system in my benchmarking comparison in addition to Tycho and R-GMA. I have installed GT4 and have modified some code from a Globus World tutorial. I did a binary install onto a compute node in the cluster running Debian. You can read about it on the [...]
Documenting Tycho File Swarm
Posted 2006/04/07
I have written up my work on this Tycho application and am looking at the ways other people have evaluated content distribution systems. I have done a lot of reading and writing which has of course given me a much better understanding of the issues which have been looked into [...]
Binary install of R-GMA
Posted 2006/04/07
As you may remember not even being able to install R-GMA was what kicked of the original javaGMA program. Well since I need to have R-GMA in order to do final benchmarks I have tried to stack the cards in my favour. Basically don’t build from source, don’t go against [...]
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Posted 2006/04/06
Minor edit so the blog uses the same as the rest of the portal. [...]