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Sexing up the Tycho local store
Posted 2005/10/26
After many iterations benchmarking the message passing layer of Tycho I have revisited the VR code cleaning it up and making it more robust. While writing Tycho the VR code was hacked together to provide enough functionality to let clients discover each other to allow us to test the message passing [...]
Updating Tycho code to reflect the name change
Posted 2005/10/23
Saved by the shell. To go from to, and rename some functions to make more sense I used a bit of BASH and sed… for f in $(find -name *.java); do cp $f $f.bak; sed -e 's/foo/bar/' $f; done I’m sure you can use Eclipse to do this, but [...]
Tycho website and rebranding
Posted 2005/10/20
The content on the Tycho website have been updaded to bring it more in line with what the project is now. The emphasis has changed since it started life as javaGMA, hopefuly the new site reflects the current direction. I have also tried to purge ‘jGMA’ from the rest of [...]
Tycho webcam demo updated
Posted 2005/10/20
I’ve added some extra code which will hopefully make the Tycho webcam demo more robust. Hopefully this will help prevent the cam list from becoming empty. Ignore the underscores, they are there for my coding sanity at the mo. I will find some new cams for the list when I [...]
University blog
Posted 2005/10/19
The department where I am pursuing my PhD has a new rule that we must document our progress and get our supervisor to sign off on it. I think they want a paper trail for if things go wrong. Rather than email or something my supervisor Mark suggested I write [...]