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Debian 3.0 (Woody) disk image for Xen
Posted 2007/01/30
We needed the compiler that shipped with Woody for some old software we wanted to use. After making an instance of Woody available on our Xen development server I thought I might as well publish the disk image. I did a base install of Woody using an old CD. I brought [...]
Installing Xen on Lister (Dell Poweredge 2950)
Posted 2007/01/23
This machine was bought to provide a mechanism to quickly deploy Linux instances with different software configurations for testing purposes (in our experience many middleware toolkits don’t play well with others). This post is a rough guide to installing Xen on the box, mainly for our own documentation purposes but [...]
Some useful Exim4 commands
Posted 2007/01/16
These commands let you manipulate the exim4 mail queue. exim4 -bpc ; Print the number of emails in the queue exim4 -bpr ; List the queue exim4 -M email-id [...]