Blog :: 2007/04/... created
Posted 2007/04/30
The VERA website and and portal will both be available from the same URL. I got the University IT people to register the sub-domain a while back but I just got it pointed to ‘virtual Skutter’ . Any of these URLS will work: They will also work with HTTPS. I [...]
Website concept
Posted 2007/04/28
I completed the first stab at a VERA website template today and sent it to Mark and co. for their approval. A screen shot is below, not sure about the font. Click to see a big version. Another blog post sent back from the future, expect one from Sarah Conner soon. [...]
Skutter VM is born
Posted 2007/04/23
The web parts of the VERA project will eventually be hosted on a Linux server called Skutter. Due to the way Universities and funding agency dish out money we wont be able to buy the actual server until after the project has started. To get round this I have used [...]
Adding a Xen domU to Lister
Posted 2007/04/02
There are four stages to adding a new domU. Allocate the storage, install and configure the new OS (from within Lister), create the Xen configuration file for the new domU and then boot the domU and do final configurations. 1) Allocating storage Storage is managed using LVM on Lister. Either create [...]