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Portal Developers Workshop
Posted 2008/02/29
Yesterday we hosted the JISC funded . The event was for technical developers who wanted to meet together to talk, demonstrate and discuss issues, and possible solutions, to matters related to the development of Portal-based applications and the use of JSR-168 portlets. We had ~ 28 people turn up (36 registered) [...]
VREs featured in the OMII newsletter
Posted 2008/02/25
An article by Frederique van Till from JISC about the VRE program was published in the OMII newsletter. A picture from the Silchester dig is featured along a link to the VERA project. You can read the newsletter here. [...]
Creating a CAcert for use with Apache2
Posted 2008/02/19
Make your crs request. cd /etc/apache2/ openssl genrsa -out 1024 openssl req -new -key -out cat Go to the CACert site and pase the outut from the .csr file. Paste the crt file CAcert generates into vi Get the chained CAcert and set some file permissions. wget '' chmod 640 * chown root:root * Edit [...]
Tycho 1-pre4
Posted 2008/02/15
With help from Raz I found out that I was including the jars for Jetty 6 in the core release of Tycho. Tycho itself uses Jetty 4, the extra jars are for the swarm utility web GUI which is not in the core release. I have stripped extra jars from the [...]
Silchester digital surveying trials
Posted 2008/02/05
Today the VERA team visited the Silchester site with some guys from Infoterra to try out some digital data-capture techniques which may be used in the coming summer excavation. The goal of the day was to see the high-tech tools Infoterra uses in action and to work out if we [...]
VERA @ CAAUK 2008 York
Posted 2008/02/04
Myself (Mat), Emma, Claire and Mike R attended the 2008 Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology UK Conference which was held at York this year. This was a great opportunity to meet other people interested in using computers as tools for archaeology. Emma gave a talk on the VERA [...]