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Users just for the Wiki
Posted 2005/11/27
You can now give someone a username and password which will let them into the Wiki but none of the other private DSG areas. There are many ways this could be done but I went with a .htgroups file. Everyone has an entry in the DSG .htpasswd file: mjeg@rimmer:secure-htdocs/$ cat dsg/.htpasswd dsg:R3KE6Q.b1X3o2 mjeg:QM1K17g.zkIUg rjb:I8PTuL.Fa.gmM ... Full [...]
Tycho 0.7.0-beta released
Posted 2005/11/24
I have released a new binary of Tycho, this version has no mention of jGMA and includes an integrated HSQLDB datastore which lets us use some powerful SQL features. Here are the highlights with explanations from the CHANGELOG. - Renamed some classes to reflect the name change to Tycho. Finally no [...]
SC 2005
Posted 2005/11/23
Had a great time at SC, in between the partying we talked to a lot of the vendors at their booths. Here are the some highlights and observations. Cluster in a box. The idea is to put a self contained cluster in a desktop or tower case. The best example is [...]
Second round of NBChat portlet testing
Posted 2005/11/08
I followed the instructions and signed into the portlet. Using the edit button I filled in the IP and port and connected fine to the chat portlet. The text for my user in the chat window was yellow on white - which i nigh on impossible to read :) I managed [...]
Posted 2005/11/08
NBChat portlet screenshot [...]
Including Wiki content in main site
Posted 2005/11/08
There is now a PHP include which can be used to embed a Wiki page into a normal DSG page in the main site. It uses the export_xhtml function of DokuWiki and a bit of scraping to hoik out just the content. To see it in action go to Example Wiki [...]
DSG Wiki is live
Posted 2005/11/06
The DSG Wiki has been installed and is linked from the DSG portal. I used a PHP Wiki called DokuWiki. I chose PHP as it makes it simpler for us to integrate it with the rest of the DSG web bits. I am working on a DSG template to give the [...]
Notes on testing NBChat portlet
Posted 2005/11/02
Today the DSG got together to test the NBChat portlet which provides a chat client and webcam viewer for online collaboration between multiple users. Here are my notes. Following the instructions from Raz I installed JMF and rebooted Windows. I then started JMFStudio looked in prefs and it said no capture [...]