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Getting the best looking fonts for Debian
Posted 2008/01/28
Good old Micrososft provide a bunch of very nice fonts you can use for free. Add deb etch main to your apt sources list. Then: apt-get install msttcorefonts dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig [...]
Dumping the IADB schema
Posted 2008/01/16
VERA is collaborating on cross database searching with Oxford who are working on the VRE for the Study of Documents and Manuscripts (SDM). Each VRE has a database, VERA has an archeology database (the IADB) and SDM will have a database of ancient texts. We want to produce a system [...]
AJAX PHP Chart Widget
Posted 2008/01/14
I have written a PHP widget for making AJAX charts, the motivation was to produce a visual, dynamic charting tool for the web that didn’t require much in the way of system resources. We have been looking at dynamic charting for a long time (in our work with system [...]
Tycho TCP Dump
Posted 2008/01/11
Carl is writing a C implementation of the Tycho client at the mo and asked for a dump of a Tycho message. Here is a 16 byte ping-pong between two Java Tycho clients. Consumer sends 16 bytes to a producer. The payload starts at 0×0110 (it’s grrrrrrrrrrrreat): 14:27:23.617798 IP [...]