Dr Matthew Grove

Dr Matthew Grove I am currently working a full time industry job with Rackspace Email. When working for a University this site is hosted on their faculty server.

When I left academia (again) I was a research scientist within the Scalable Power, Performance, Efficiency Lab (SCAPE) in the Computer Science department at Virginia Tech. In parallel with that position I was a visiting research fellow within Centre for Advanced Computing and Emerging Technologies (ACET) which was part of the School of Systems Engineering at Reading University in the UK.

I received my Ph.D from the Distributed Systems Group (DSG) at the University of Portsmouth in the UK.

Current Activities

I lead the Anti-Abuse team at Rackspace Email. The Anti-Abuse team handles incoming and outgoing mail classification and prevents system abuse. They are responsible for maintaining the IP reputation of Rackspace Email and protecting the hosted mailboxes.

Previous Work

IO-Speed-Up. Investigating the effects of power management on workload performance at the kernel and micro benchmark level. Exploiting side effects of power management to improve IO performance.

DCT-NUMA. Optimal thread placement strategies for Non-Uniform-Memory-Architecture systems.

Iso-energy-efficiency. Scalable system power-performance modeling.

Virtual Research Environment for Archaeology (VERA). This project's goal was to produce a fully-fledged virtual research environment for the archaeological community. VERA was a two year project funded by the JISC as part of phase 2 of the Virtual Research Environments programme (project website).

Reading Environmental Sensor Network (RESN). RESN was a collaborative project between Computer Science and Soil Science departments of the University of Reading to provide a permanent public demonstrator for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technologies (project website).

Tycho. A resource discovery framework and messaging system for distributed applications, originally created during the pursuit of my Ph.D at the University of Portsmouth. I actively developed it during my time at the University of Reading and I still continue to guide other researchers who now work on it (project website).

OGSA Testbed. A one-year project funded by EPSRC via the e-Science programme. The objective of the project was to install and test the middleware based on the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), and then deploy a number of applications on the testbed. OGSA was Globus Toolkit version 3 (project website).