Dr Matthew Grove

Dr Matthew Grove I am currently working a full time industry job. When employed at a University this site is hosted on their faculty server.

When I left academia (again) I was a research scientist within the Scalable Power, Performance, Efficiency Lab (SCAPE) in the Computer Science department at Virginia Tech. In parallel with that position I was a visiting research fellow within Centre for Advanced Computing and Emerging Technologies (ACET) which was part of the School of Systems Engineering at Reading University in the UK.

I received my Ph.D from the Distributed Systems Group (DSG) at the University of Portsmouth in the UK.

Current Activities

I am principal site reliability engineer for the cybersecurity division of Motorola Solutions protecting public services like 911 from the bad guys.

Previous Work

IO-Speed-Up. Investigating the effects of power management on workload performance at the kernel and micro benchmark level. Exploiting side effects of power management to improve IO performance.

DCT-NUMA. Optimal thread placement strategies for Non-Uniform-Memory-Architecture systems.

Iso-energy-efficiency. Scalable system power-performance modeling.

Virtual Research Environment for Archaeology (VERA). This project's goal was to produce a fully-fledged virtual research environment for the archaeological community. VERA was a two year project funded by the JISC as part of phase 2 of the Virtual Research Environments programme (project website).

Reading Environmental Sensor Network (RESN). RESN was a collaborative project between Computer Science and Soil Science departments of the University of Reading to provide a permanent public demonstrator for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technologies (project website).

Tycho. A resource discovery framework and messaging system for distributed applications, originally created during the pursuit of my Ph.D at the University of Portsmouth. I actively developed it during my time at the University of Reading and I still continue to guide other researchers who now work on it (project website).

OGSA Testbed. A one-year project funded by EPSRC via the e-Science programme. The objective of the project was to install and test the middleware based on the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), and then deploy a number of applications on the testbed. OGSA was Globus Toolkit version 3 (project website).